My sweet obsession with macarons

The macarons obsession started a few weeks ago, after buying I Heart Macarons by Hisako Ogita. After reading the book, I felt prepared to take on the challenge.

Batch 1. Disaster. Made even worse by the fact that we were having a family lunch. All of the mixture ran together with the end result being one huge macaron. We ate it anyway!

Batch 2. Fred was at work so I thought I’d give it another go. After extensive research (in cookbooks and on other blogs including David Lebovitz) I came to the conclusion that I’d 1. overmixed the first batch and 2. would try a batch with the fan on conventional oven instead of fan forced.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a piping bag either, so I fashioned one out of Glad Bake and some masking tape. Either way, they worked out a bit better than the last ones and they have ‘feet’ which I was extremely happy about.

I’ll wait for Fred to give me the full verdict on batch 2 once he gets home tonight. Drumroll…. macarons batch number 2!


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